About Us

Two for Tea are Laura Frances Jones & Catherine Eleanor Holbrook

Our History

Laura and Catherine first met in 2002, while studying Music together at the University of York. Several years, a number of very wet walking holidays and far too much cake later we decided to do some serious duetting, as opposed to our typical Sunday afternoon rattle across the keys…

What began as a whim to duet our way through as many symphonies as we could lay our hands on began to take on a life of its own. Our rummaging through dusty old boxes in second hand music shops led us to a delightful selection of ‘tea-party’ music, as we referred to it: that light and whimsical parlour repertoire from the nineteenth and early-twentieth centuries. Innocent in its nature, but music which can’t help but make you smile and oh so much fun to play. And so began Two for Tea.

Since those early years, we have duetted our way as Two for Tea through a variety of repertoirefrom duet standards to Latin dances, popular classics to festive favourites, and almost everything in between! We have played for private parties, society meetings, stately-home viewings, Christmas fairs and more – and a selection of our public performances can be found on our events page.

Duetting away

Our early interest in Victoriana led to our recording a CD in celebration of Charles Dickens’ bicentenary in 2012: performances for the International Dickens Fellowship followed, and a CD of the project – Dickensian Drawing Room – sold multiple copies worldwide, as far afield as America and New Zealand. After all this, we still enjoy playing new repertoire on a Sunday afternoon and… yes, consuming plenty of tea and cake!



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